Adding CAA records to Azure DNS

16 November 2017 Microsoft introduced CAA records for the Azure Public DNS. At this moment you can only add CAA records to Azure DNS using the Azure REST API, PowerShell or CLI. This example code will help you in adding CAA records to Azure DNS.

In this video I will add CAA records to a new DNS Zone using the Azure Cloud Shell:

(CAA) Certificate Authority Authorization

Domain owners can whitelist CAs allowing specified CAs to issue SSL certificates. Continue reading “Adding CAA records to Azure DNS”


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Decoding The Mr. Robot VR experience

The Mr. Robot VR experience was a one time event (21-07-2016 1:45 p.m. ET). You needed the app to watch the Mr. Robot VR experience.

I wanted to view this video another time so i did everything in my power to save this video! I succeeded this is my story: app

Files on my phone

Once the preload was finished i tried to open the video/audio files on my phone with no success. The files were encrypted.

Preloaded files on phone

Gut feeling

I had this gut feeling that the key would be sent before or during the one time event. To get the key i used a mobile packet capture app, i ran the capture during the one time event. After being blown away by the Mr. Robot VR experience i mined the capture and found the encryption-key.

HTTPS sniffer

Missing lock

While getting the encryption-key was easy the tough part is getting the files decrypted using “DfZw7wrIxvSdHP3S” . I had to find out the used encryption method to decrypt the files.


I needed to decompile the android apk to find the used encryption method. I downloaded a recent version from apk4fun. To decompile the app we first need to use a tool called dex2jar, to view the exported jar file i used the tool JD-GUI it can be downloaded from github.

The lock

After a while i found EncryptedVideoDataSource it included the final clue “private String algorithm = “RC4″;”


Decrypting (finally)

Now we can decrypt the files. I created a program to decrypt using RC4 in Visual Studio it can be downloaded from github. After decoding i had 5 playable files.

Compositing the audio and video

Unfortunately i cannot play separate audio/video files on my VR headset.

Decrypted files

I had to integrate the audio into the video. The audio included 4 stereo mp3’s for 360 audio. I found that you can effortlessly create the needed file using Adobe Premiere. After exporting it from premiere i can finaly re-enjoy the Mr. Robot VR experience.

Final VR composite


I did succeed in getting the “one time” edition of the Mr. Robot VR experience.

But actually all of this doesn’t matter anymore because The Mr. Robot VR experience is now widely available.